Jeff’s Game Shelf: The Fox in the Forest Duet

Foxtrot and Renegade have produced a truly charming two-person game that could easily be more of a hobby than a diversion.

A couple of weeks ago, I stopped in at OwlCon, a gaming convention held at Rice University. There, I picked up a couple of games I’d been eyeing for a while, and a couple more impulse buys. One of those impulse buys is a game that my wife and I have thoroughly enjoyed: The Fox in the Forest Duet.

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Jeff’s Game Shelf: Oregon Trail

Pressman’s Oregon Trail card game is good for a shot of nostalgia, but has poor mechanics and limited replayability.

Because this is my blog, I am going to make it exactly as unfocused as I am. So let’s have a little something about what of my abiding hobbies: board games! The games I cover here aren’t necessarily new or great. They’re games I have on my shelf, and want to say something about.

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