TBR 2021

Last year I read 31 books, which doesn’t sound like much until you remember (which I was forced to) that I also taught eleven sections of Freshman Composition.

Anyway, here’s my TBR (To-Be-Read list) for 2021!


  • Bold green text denotes a book I read
  • Bold blue text denotes a book I read that was not originally on the list
  • (Audio) denotes a book I read in audiobook format
  • (Hybrid) denotes a book I read simultaneously in audiobook and traditional formats.
  • Books I didn’t get to were carried over to the following year’s list, if I still wanted to read them.

Books on initial list: 64

Books from list read: 12
Additional books read: 20
Total books read in 2021: 32
(Last updated December 27, 2021)

Individual books

  1. Anders, Charlie Jane. Victories Greater Than Death.
  2. Bradbury, Ray. The Illustrated Man.
  3. Gibson, William, and Bruce Sterling. The Difference Engine. (audio)


Butler, Octavia E. The Patternist Series.

  1. Patternmaster.
  2. Mind of My Mind.
  3. Survivor.
  4. Wild Seed.
  5. Clay’s Ark.

Jemisin, NK. The Broken Earth Trilogy.

  1. The Fifth Season.

Jordan, Robert. The Wheel of Time Saga.

  1. The Fires of Heaven. (audio)
  2. Lord of Chaos. (audio)
  3. A Crown of Swords. (audio)

Additional Books

  1. Butcher, Jim. Dresden Files 5: Death Masks. (audio)
  2. —. Dresden Files 6: Blood Rites. (audio)
  3. —. Dresden Files 7: Dead Beat. (audio)
  4. —. Dresden Files 8: Proven Guilty. (audio)
  5. Chiang, Ted. Exhalation.
  6. Evans, Robert. The War on Everyone. (audio)
  7. Fitzgerald, Zelda. Save Me the Waltz. (hybrid)
  8. Gaiman, Neil, with David K. Dickson and MJ Simpson. Don’t Panic: Douglas Adams & The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  9. Johnson, Mat. Pym.
  10. Jones, Matthew J. Love Don’t Need a Reason.
  11. King, Stephen. The Dark Tower 5: Wolves of the Calla. (audio)
  12. —. The Dark Tower 6: Song of Susannah. (audio)
  13. McGuire, Seanan. Rosemary and Rue.
  14. Okorafor, Nnedi. Akata Witch.
  15. —. Akata Warrior.
  16. Pratchett, Terry. I Shall Wear Midnight.
  17. —. The Shepherd’s Crown.
  18. Scalzi, John. Murder by Other Means. (audio)
  19. Valente, Cathryn. Space Opera.
  20. Vaughan, Brian K. and Fiona Staples. Saga vol. 1.