Here are some of my media appearances:

Crankies of Curiosity – Episode 1.9, “Gnomes”

Full disclosure, my wife is one of the creative forces behind lo-fi puppets and stuff, a found-object puppetry and arts company. One of their ongoing projects has been a series of crankies on cryptids, mythical creatures, and other curious animals. Here, the penultimate episode of the first season, I voice the episode about gnomes.

The Sacred Now – Episode 2.17, “Your Digital Destiny: Video Games, Morality Systems, and Choice”

The Sacred Now is a podcast run by an old pre-college buddy of mine, Jay Jackson. It focuses on the intersections of nerd culture, philosophy, and faith. For this episode, Jay and I talked about morality systems in a variety of video games, and their philosophical implications. Come for the highbrow philosophizing, stay for the part where my stutter forces me to mispronounce “Geralt of Rivia.”

Because WordPress can be stupid, I can’t embed the player, but here’s a direct link to the episode.