Alli Prom Cheat Sheet

Hey, gang–

If you’re reading this, you’ve asked to be part of the Alli Prom Secret Road Team. Alli’s taking more of a lead on the planning on this than I initially thought, so I probably haven’t been as forward in communicating with you as I should have been.

Alli’s party is prom themed. It’s not just a prom for her, it’s in the prom spirit for all of us.

But as, in high school, I was never a cool kid who went to a lot of dances, nor the right kind of nerdy to plan all the dances, I know there’s got to be a lot of things I’m missing here.


This website is a running list of elements that we’ll need, alongside people who have volunteered to help us find them.

If there’s any of these elements you “know a guy” about, please let me know. While I am asking for your time and attention, I don’t want to demand your finances. So I’m not asking you to buy anything, though I am asking you to help.


April 23 at 6pm

ASSEMBLY HTC (2015 Barry Street)

Volunteers at Large

These people have said they want to be on the team, but I haven’t “put” them anywhere yet. PLEASE TEXT ME OR EMAIL ME TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO HELP WITH

  • Juan
  • Leslie
  • Brittny
  • Abe (though he’s been working a lot with Alli on designing invitations)

The Elements

“The elements are all coming together, Mr. Holmes.” –Corky St. Clair

Projection Stuff – Erin

There will be a “watching cartoons” element to this prom, so we’ll need a projector. Erin said she can borrow one off the Wheel Workers.

Sound System – Erin

Proms need sound stuff. Erin said she can borrow Tony’s.

Photo Backdrop

Brian Kaplun is taking awkward prom photos. But we’ll need a backdrop.

Prom Arch

What’s a prom without a pointless arch covered in crepe? Please note: Alli specifically doesn’t want any balloons, as they are wasteful and pose environmental problems.


We have no idea what the food is. At this point, we’re thinking some general nibblin’s. How do we feel about food just… out? Does anybody have any good ideas for vendors here?